"If you have been thinking about it, it is worth writing it"


“First, find out what your herwants, then just follow him!”

How often have you thought or heard that your story would be worth a book or become a compelling and inspiring movie or TV series? Audiences and readers are fascinated by stories based on true events.

Through my over 25 years of multicultural experience, I know how tget deeply involved in listening tyour story. Then I conduct significant research tnurture the historical and cultural context in which it unfolds.

I analyze the target audience tbring your book intthe minds of those whwill feel inspired by your story and be identified with it as if it had happened tthem. It leads tsuccess when ‘your voice’ becomes ‘the voice of others.’

Developing your story together


We will have an interview, virtual or in person; you can share everything you need to tell me about your story, real or fictional.

Before our meeting, I will send you a Non-Disclosure-Agreement where I commit myself to keep 100% confidentiality of the information you trust me.


I will dive deeply intthe historical, cultural, and ideographic contexts where your story will navigate. Even in fiction, it is necessary for the story t‘be believable.’ Therefore, it needs tbe shown within a world perceived as real.

Creative Listening

It works like a ‘brainstorming’ where we can combine a pool of ideas—this creative process functions ‘without criticism and selection.’ It brings a free flow of inspiration that can be used, even as a title. I am excellent at creating titles that draw attention and contain a brief statement of the book’s content. The title is one of the most meaningful messages that takes the reader into the story.

You are the author and own 100% of the copyright

You will be the ‘author.’ Your name will appear in your book, and you will own the entire copyright. I will be the ‘contributing writer’ only.

Editing and Proofreading your Manuscript

Once the first version is written for your review, it will be professionally edited and proofread.

Latest revisions and final approval to publish

We’ll dup the revisions together for the exact approved cost to write your story. Once this process has been completed, we can move toward the publication of your book.

Get your Book Published

My publishing service allows my team of professionals and me to publish your book in paperback and Kindle.

The benefit of publishing it on Amazon is that you handle the marketing of your book. You can always make corrections and update the information as you would like to. Amazon will recognize you with a high-profit percentage as the author and publish your book worldwide.

You can also search for publishing companies. However, this will be an arduous and often unsuccessful task leading to nowhere.

Promoting your book

Within my services, I offer you to design and program your ‘author page’ website in which you can show your social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram … etc. It attracts more business opportunities when you have your author page website.

Why not a bilingual book?

My services offer a Spanish version of your book, allowing your book to expand into broader community, considering our modern global world.